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The idea for Equitopia was conceived back in December 2007 by Saffii, the game owner. The main storyline and ideas came from a book she wrote about elemental dragons many years before called the Days of Darkness. Although there are many fantastic horse sims on the internet, she felt there was a gap in the market for an original fantasy-horse browser game with a darker edge that was aimed at a more mature player audience. With no game-programming experience, Saffii spent three years learning how to plan, design, draw and write the game. And so with the help of a few very special people, Equitopia was born!

The Game

In early development, the game was originally going to be flash-based. However, due to various reasons (mostly financial), it was decided that Equitopia would start its life as a browser game. One of the main aims was to make a progessive game, which will expand, change and adjust as the game grows in age and strength. Additionally, it was felt the game should have a strong background and story, so rather than it feeling like merely playing a game, Equitopia will be like immersing yourself in another world.

The Planet

Equitopia is a fictional planet situated in the distant Monoceros constellation that lies in the outer rim of our galaxy. The only stable form in Monoceros, Equitopia was created and is ruled by a celestial winged horse, called Abraxas. Divided into six main continents, it is a diverse cosmos where its unique race of horses, called Equids, live and thrive. Additionally, Equitopia has its own time, seasons and days, which gameplay is based around.

The Oracles

The Oracles are five, powerful horse deities created by King Abraxas to stand guardian and reign over Equitopia's continents; Aquene, Garridon, Nilan, Incendia and Sirocco. They include;
Glacier, the Jovial Healer. Ice Oracle.
Hydra, the Tranquil Listener. Water Oracle.
Inferno, the Valiant Warrior. Fire Oracle.
Terrain, the Noble Leviathan. Earth Oracle.
Zephyrus, the Winged Observer. Air Oracle.
These magnificent Oracles are not only responsible for maintaining planetary equilibrium, but also for spawning Equids, Equitopia's unique horse breeds. Each Oracle is gifted with the superlative power of Arcana, Equitopia's very own magical life energy, which in turn influences the Equids arcanic ability levels.


It was decided early on its development that instead of using real horse breeds, Equitopia would have its own unique fantasy race of horses, called Equids. Based on the five elements of life; water, fire, earth, ice and air, each element is based on a certain "type" of real-life horse. For example, the Fire breeds are based on real-life Warmblood breeds. Each Equid breed is then related to a real-life horse breed that falls within that category. For example, one of the Equid fire breeds, the Vesta, is a distant relative of the Hanoverian, a Warmblood.

Foals Bred:369

Bergheron Foal
Bergheron Stallion
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This is a great game to play. Lots to do like quests, quizzes as well as caring for your equids. The staff are very friendly and helpful but if there is a problem they sort it out fairly. Saffii is a wonderful owner who cares for the game. This is one of the few games that I have joined that makes me feel comfortable and want to stay and play. So what you waiting for come and join the fun.
~ Tinytabby #5
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